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Critical Issues Facing Automotive Dealership Management:

  • Creating a culture for your people to succeed and grow
  • Dramatically increasing employee satisfaction
  • Making work a whole lot more fun and engaging
  • Creating a people factory to produce managers you need now and in the future
  • Dramatically increasing Guest satisfaction
  • Growing margins and closing ratios in all departments

We are all about automotive dealer sales events; automotive sales training; automotive service and parts training; automotive customer satisfaction; profitably! You need to know we have the people part of service and parts really figured out! Our training is focused on fundamentals and consistent processes. Our sales event successes are a boost to your business and a way to cut down on defections to other companies. We love selling cars and trucks. We know this can be done with higher margins, higher closing ratios and higher customer satisfaction … all at once!

Alderson Consulting Service Managers Guild Training

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Alderson Consulting Service Consultants Guild Training

Course Outline

Alderson Consulting Advanced Automotive Sales Certification

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Principles of Good Management of Human Beings

Whether it be how to train your own people, how to hold a sales meeting, coaching each member of your team or the latest desking fundamentals, Alderson Consulting has you covered.

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Customer Friendly Selling Processes

This is designed for Sales Consultants, Service Advisors, Parts on the phone and tailored to their separate perspectives. If you were looking to spend the outer levels of your budget on a boat, would you like to know how much it costs and various ways to finance it? Of course you would. And you probably would not want to deal with someone who held this information back. We believe the foundation of higher margins and higher closing ratios in any department is making a relationship with your customer. For this to happen, we have to start out on the right foot, every time. We also believe the closer the Sales Manager to the deal, the greater the likelihood we will achieve these goals. That’s a taste of what’s to come.

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Financial Services Initiative

Finally, someone with the credentials to come into your store and work with your people. Hands on with your customers. Hands on with your people. Together. To move the needle on customer satisfaction and gross profit we need to look end to end on everything you are doing now.

We offer the whole package, evaluating your products, your current processes, turnovers, getting deals bought, the relationships with your lenders and your Service Department … the whole works. Plus … ask us about our holiday relief!

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Front End Fixed Ops Processes

Our years of on the job experience have taught us everything you need to know about getting staff onside and on the same page. We understand every step and nuance from your Guest calling or emailing in to make a Service booking right through to picking up the keys when the work is done. We know we have to ensure the processes and culture are your staff’s ideas. We know people get behind their own ideas far more than someone else’s. We know you are disappointed with the choices for training in this area.

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Advanced Automotive Sales Certification

This involves scraping to the foundation of what your people do to install the Alderson Consulting Selling Process. To get to another level and have all your people on the same page in the same book, involves commitment.

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Consolidate Strategic Thinking

  • Working with ownership & management to establish achievable goals
  • Learning how to effectively manage change … real change
  • A focus on fundamentals: we must understand, believe in & buy into a foundation, a way of doing business
  • Keeping a simplicity to things … having real common sense

Coaching Within Strategy

  • Teaching principles of good management of human beings: actual team-building & mutual respect … learning how to recruit & foster self-starters
  • Creating selling processes based on making relationships that make sense to both staff & customers
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction by first maximizing employee satisfaction: unhappy people cannot consistently provide good experiences
  • Cutting defections: selling more things to the same people

Work With What Is Within Our Control

  • Execution, execution, execution
  • Back to basics
  • Improving closing ratios in sales, service & parts
  • More effective follow up of showroom traffic
  • Increasing appointments from incoming sales calls & web leads
  • If we measure the effort, not just the results, we can manage it
  • Improving Financial Services Office penetration and income

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Learning Event Management

For larger organizations, we have the capability to handle all the details involved in:

  • Holding training activities or events across the country in both official languages
  • Managing online registrations
  • Securing venues
  • Booking and arranging catering

Course Design

We have the capability to meet virtually any material requirements with our team of:

  • Graphic designers
  • Writers
  • Creative people

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