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Tim and Bob were Master Consultants for HAC Group (Half-A-Car), well recognized as the world’s leading Lease Training experts. It is the Lease Renewal Event that completes the cycle for why we lease in the first place!


Our goal with our Automotive Lease Renewal Events is to not only give you a great return on your investment but also to leave you and your staff with the process, tools and skills to maximize your lease renewal opportunities in the future. Like a Private Sale this concept involves no advertising and focuses entirely on prospects from your own client base whose leases are maturing in the next few months. Our outside voice of experience will bring order and process to the chaos of this type of Event.

Targeting the Correct Clients

We work sample deals with your people well in advance to determine how far out from their termination date we can invite clients to the Event. Our goal is help 50% of the people who keep their appointments move into another vehicle … a 50% closing ratio!

Direct Mail

For Lease Renewal Events, we have found an effective mail piece that gets opened has the look of a wedding invitation. A card that opens up like a clamshell inside a small hand-addressed, hand-stamped envelope is pretty much guaranteed not to make it to the bottom of the bill pile. You include only a return address on the envelope. You use decent paper quality and strictly follow the ten rules of direct mail.

Our creative team can give you color personalized invitations emphasizing the client name in the text and showing the latest version of their vehicle on the outside.


A concerted effort to follow up on the invitation and make appointments for the Event is crucial. There is a skill to this that needs to be taught to your people over the phone or our Call Centre can do the whole thing for you. We have learned that people who have access to pricing and vehicle information are not the best at this role. They tend to get cornered into giving numbers over the phone with the end result being the client does not get the benefit of a proper review of their actual options. A trained person who does not have a sales role will be the most effective at making appointments. As well they will ensure the client brings in their leased vehicle, all decision-makers are present … and about an hour to an hour and a half of time is committed to the appointment.


On day one, we conduct a Dealer Meeting, a Manager Meeting and two training sessions with the sales staff. What results is everyone has a picture in their head of what is going to happen and what is expected of them. We walk through the whole concept, discuss past results and then really focus on the renewal process. Everyone has preconceived notions and some are looking for the easy way. We will break through this with our excellent communication skill set.
Depending on the size of your store, our Senior Consultant can conduct all of the renewal Option Reviews with your clients. We can train of one or more of your own people to perform this function.

Renewal Appointment

Every client who arrives for their appointment will be taken through a step by step process. It begins with a visit to their own vehicle, followed by a review of the file to summarize and update all pertinent client information.
This is followed by a specific Options Review presentation. We take the client back in time to the options they were presented with when they selected their vehicle in the first place. We take a look at what they could have done and how it would have turned out followed by what they did do and how it actually turned out. Every time, we go next to the math to keep their current vehicle. This leads to a trial close on a new one and a proper turnover to the Sales Consultant.

The Renewal Event

The Event is scheduled from 10am to 8pm. We do not want people dropping in for a few minutes on their way to work. We will have scheduled the appointments every half hour all day long. This is a crucial step in making the best use of human resources. Depending on the size of your lease portfolio, the Event will take place over one, two or three days.
We urge that you provide good food and refreshments for all participants and decorate the showroom to give it the feel of something fun and special going on.

At the end of the day, we will have the delivery to schedule or a strategy in place for proper follow up of every client.

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