Everett Einarson
Operations Leader - Family Ford
Just a short note to let you know how our private sale went.  First, Michael Robbins was great, he was on the phone to our guests, he was dynamic and fun, and he did some sales training with the team.  We really enjoyed his enthusiasm and it was nice to see Michael again. When I set out to do this private sale I felt like success would be around 12 units.  When we finished at 8 units I felt like we definitely covered our expenses, but thought it wasn’t a booming success.  Until I sifted through the numbers.  I took all of the front and back gross generated including fees, then subtracted all of my expenses, right down to helium, balloons, spiffs, commissions, catering, and iPads.  What I ended up with was almost $23k in the black!  Much better than my gut feeling, and I have six trades on my lot with opportunity!  Just thought I’d share this with you. Hopefully we can look at doing another one this fall. P.S. Thanks for the email regarding Ford’s Coop, I registered the sale just in time, and have applied for the $3,000.00 rebate.
Steve C. Marshall
Thank you once again for being in the store for the week. Your positive presence in the showroom was unbelievable and it was great having you in the dealership. You bring up everyone’s game in all areas, especially in professionalism and work ethic. Both of those are next to none.

Some comments on your pre-work event; your invitations were absolutely gorgeous and very professional. The organization for the call list was easy, concise, clear and efficient. The phone calls in itself were also done very professionally.

The event itself, went without a hitch. It was considered super successful. Everybody in the building thought you were not only there to help them close the deal, but to help them in other areas of their life as well.

Once again, I want to thank you for everything you did for us. It’s unbelievable to have someone like you show up and turn our store upside down. We look forward in doing the next event.

David Kohonick GM / Trevor Boquist President & CEO Bennett Dunlop Ford / Driving Change Automotive Group
We just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for the great partnership we have had over the past few years. Some of our largest volume and gross months directly link back to those in which we held one of your sales initiatives. Whether it be Direct Mail like Upgrader, BOAR & Sticky Note Events or a Private Sale Event, our months really come together when these are held. As you know we have recommended these to other dealers across western Canada and strongly promote your team. We look forward to more successful events over the years.
Steve Dillabough
Dealer - Discovery Ford Sales (Humboldt, SK)
We have used Alderson Consulting for the last 12 years. Tim’s insightfulness and wisdom have always proven correct. His great insight and vast knowledge of both the auto industry and human behaviour have helped us immensely.

Tim has helped guide us through a major growth and is someone I am proud to call a friend. If you want your business to grow and thrive, Tim is the man that can help you. I would highly recommend Alderson Consulting to any dealership that wants to improve both their functionality and profitability.

Karl Ebdrup
GM & Partner - Steve Marshall Auto Group
We’ve used Alderson Consulting since 2001, for all sorts of training and event sales. Tim and his group truly do it all, and they do it in the most professional manner possible. I have run Private Sales, Upgrade Sales, Lease Renewal Events, BOAR Sales, Sales Training, Lease Training, and just lately some Service Training. Alderson Consulting always over delivers on whatever they have planned for us. THANK YOU TIM!
Rob Taylor
GM - Murray GM (Abbotsford, BC)
I just wanted to say thanks.  That September was our best new car month in 5 years and I believe that the extra boost was your Upgrader mailer that we did.  It was certainly one of the easiest events to run from our end and it generated lots of calls, emails and showroom activity.  The trades that we are left with in October should help the Used Vehicle department in the coming months as well.  Thanks again to you and your team.  I look forward to doing business again.
Ted Clark
GM - Wheaton Honda (Edmonton, AB)
Wheaton Honda has hired Alderson Consulting for several Private Sales. The first one was in June, where we sold 44 vehicles in one day. The second was in September, where we sold 35 vehicles in one day and on and on …

Tim’s method of setting up the Sale, along with his hands on approach with sales meetings and working on sale day really made our sales successful. Tim has buckets of energy and loads of enthusiasm … just what is required to move the one day sale along and keep my sales staff excited and motivated. He worked our sales from 8:30 am until after 11:00 pm without running out of energy and he worked hard.

We also hired Tim to do an in house training session for our Sales Managers and Sales Consultants. The training went well and I feel our closing average has gone up in response.

When your customer returns to your company for their next vehicle or sends you a referral, it shows they are happy with the job your staff has done with the initial sale.

I have booked Alderson Consulting for more private sales.

Fred Nelson
GM - Prince George Motors (Prince George, BC)
Every successful business constantly strives to improve customer service and strengthen financial performance.  In our quest for “exceeding customer expectations” we chose to focus on enhanced training programs for our employees.  We are fortunate to have exceptional training programs supplied by our manufacturer and we have embraced a well-known “third party” national training program.

We identified the need to launch our training initiatives with an element of excitement and required a catalyst to jump start our programs. Our investigation led us to Alderson Consulting. Tim’s high energy, contagious enthusiasm and his obvious passion for training and coaching others created a learning environment that caught the imagination of all our employees.  Tim’s training sessions are filled with useful and practical knowledge based upon his hands on experience within the industry. Tim was and continues to be the catalyst we were looking for.

Tim has become an essential component of our training program and provides our employees training on a quarterly basis ensuring we stay abreast of the latest effective selling techniques.

We are enjoying greater success, we are improving our customer experience and our employees are energized and confident in their abilities to consistently “exceed customer expectations” by more fully understanding their specific needs and wants.

We recognize Tim Alderson has played a pivotal role in revitalizing our sales and service personnel.  We are confident Tim can provide the similar benefits to any organization that chooses to engage Alderson Consulting.

Dan Maisonneuve
Dealer - Kicking Horse Ford Sales (Golden, BC)
We signed up for the Western Upgrader Sale. It proved to be the most cost effective campaign we have ever done. Very simple to administer and it generated a record sales month for us. The support was excellent throughout the sale as well. We are already planning our next campaign with Alderson Consulting!
Rob McMillan
Dealer - Volvo of Mississauga (Mississauga, ON)
Hi Tim

I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you once again for your time spent with our team. We had a lot of really good takeaways. Our Saturday morning meeting went extremely well, the guys are very motivated. We are now in the process of implementing a lot of your suggestions and pay plans. We believe that this will help us become one of the premier Volvo dealerships in Canada.

Thanks again,