Automotive Dealership Sales Events + Dealership Sales and Management Training. This is what we do best.

Dealership Sales Events & Marketing

What sets us apart is that we do both Upgrader Sales and Private Sales in addition to Lease Renewal Events. This means we are in dealerships working with our sleeves rolled up elbow to elbow leading sales events every week. We know how to deliver results and the kind of help your team needs. We are relevant because it has not been a decade or two since we desked a deal or sold a truck! We are also very nimble. We have Canada Post figured out. Our printing is all done here in the west. We also do dealership staff and management and leadership training for all departments. Finally, we believe our pricing to be super competitive at the outset without you having to bargain us down!

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Dealership Sales, Fixed Ops & Management Training

All our Dealership Training centers around what we refer to as profound knowledge. Our experience is once the team executes the thinking, their performance from Guest satisfaction to closing ratio to retained gross profit, shows a very sharp improvement. We urge every Dealer and/or General Manager for instance, to attend a sales meeting for the sole purpose of asking one simple question of the sales team – “It’s Monday morning and a couple has just drove onto the lot. What are a list of things we know with certainty about this couple that will enhance our opportunities to sell them a vehicle?” If your team cannot give you a bunch things they know about that couple they have not yet met, we can say with certainty that your sales team is not thinking, they are doing. Our training teaches the team to think and it is this thinking that produces more confidence and much better results. Suddenly for instance, Sales Consultants find themselves selling the vehicle exactly the way the Guest wishes to purchase their new vehicle and this in itself enhances their relationship from the minute the Guests walk in the door. For more details or an exchange of ideas feel free to call us.

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Private Sale Event Closing Ratio:
42% All Time!

Automotive Dealership Sales Events

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Automotive Private Sales Events

Our goal is to give you a very big bang for your buck with our Automotive Private Sales Events. This concept involves no advertising and focuses entirely on your own client base, friends, family and current prospects.

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Automotive Upgrades Sales Events

Our CRM tracks everything for you. It’s a turnkey sale remotely organized by us to give your team the greatest chance for success. Take a peek at these ideas.

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Automotive Lease Renewal Events

Our goal with our Automotive Lease Renewal Events is to not only give you a great ROI but also to leave you and your staff with the process, tools and skills to maximize your lease renewal opportunities in the future.

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