“Our business is so simple. we think it cannot be that simple … so we complicate it beyond reason.”

Sales & Management Training

Our entire sales training centers around what we refer to as profound knowledge. Our experience is once the sales team executes the thinking, their performance both from a closing ratio and retained gross profit perspective, shows a very sharp improvement. We urge every Dealer and/or General Manager to attend a sales meeting for the sole purpose of asking one simple question of the sales team. “It’s Monday morning and a couple has just drove onto the lot. What are 15 things we know with certainty about this couple that will enhance our opportunities to sell them a vehicle?” If your team cannot give you 15 things they know for certain about the couple we can say with certainty that your sales team is not thinking, they are doing. Our sales training teaches the team to think and it is this thinking that produces more confidence and much better closing ratios. Suddenly they find themselves selling the vehicle exactly the way the guest wishes to purchase their new vehicle and this in itself enhances their relationship with the guest from the minute they walk in the door. For more details or an exchange of ideas feel free to call us.

Fixed Operations

We have found that when you combine the sales skills with a defined process it leads to dramatically improved profitability in both departments, not to mention above-average customer satisfaction. We believe these team members not only need to be skilled sales people but also experts at executing a defined process. It all begins when your dealership delivers a new vehicle and introduces your guest to the Service and Parts Departments. The Service Advisor plays an intricate role in the success of the Service department just as the Parts staff plays an intricate roll in the Parts Department. From there we put the microscope on the shop, the techs and the back parts counter. We look at your total available hours each day as a giant ice block that starts melting the minute your techs begin work. We think differently about unapplied time, efficiency, and effective labour rate. It is this thinking that paints a clear concise picture of why your profit potential is melting away. Knowing the why is the first step towards a solution. For more details or an exchange of ideas please feel free to give us a call.

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Automotive Dealership Sales Events

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Automotive Private Sales Events

Our goal is to give you a very big bang for your buck with our Automotive Private Sales Events. This concept involves no advertising and focuses entirely on your own client base, friends, family and current prospects.

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Automotive Upgrades Sales Events

Our CRM tracks everything for you. It’s a turnkey sale remotely organized by us to give your team the greatest chance for success. Take a peek at these ideas.

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Automotive Lease Renewal Events

Our goal with our Automotive Lease Renewal Events is to not only give you a great ROI but also to leave you and your staff with the process, tools and skills to maximize your lease renewal opportunities in the future.

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