For us, we charge by the day and the number of days is determined by the number of participants. To get where you want to go is a serious investment on which we are certain you will receive an excellent return.

It sounds like you have empathy for your Guests. Taking that to a whole other level will require:

  • Time
  • Role Play
  • Working with our Training Leader in ‘live’ customer situations
  • Effort
  • Determination, and finally maybe the biggest thing …
  • A willingness to change your perspectives from thinking about you to making this all about the Customer

Following are the steps and learning objectives …

Advanced Certification

Ten Steps to Automotive Customer Service success! With your franchise, you have industry leading vehicles.  And yet, you still face many challenges in a highly competitive industry with increasingly sophisticated Customers and aggressive competition.
In today’s environment, there is a lack of consistency in the ways in which we interact with our Guests, which results in a lack of consistency in the Guest experience.  In this program, you will be introduced to a new Customer Service process that will drive consistency and equip you with the skills based on best practices to maximize your effectiveness during each step of dealing with your Guests.
By applying our Customer Service process consistently, you will increase your service sales results, service gross profit and improve Guest satisfaction — three things needed to kick start the momentum and accelerate it to where you want to be.

Specifically, by the end of the program, your team will be able to:

  • Make being focused on strengthening the relationship between the Service Advisor and the Guest central to everything you do
  • While setting the ‘reservation’, if the guest wants to drop off before their reservation time, explain we can do that and describe the next bullet point
  • For drop-offs, get best number to reach them, get the pre-work order or drop-off envelope signed and put them on the Shuttle … the Service Advisor should call after their walkaround at the ‘reservation’ time
  • Last thought for the Guest on the call: ‘and can we have the car all day?’
  • When Guests call to make a booking … once we have discovered who they are and which vehicle is in question, we look up history, determine who the last Service Advisor was and ask: ‘and your Service Advisor is ______? This allows the guest the opportunity to decline or name the one they want.
  • Eliminate the word ‘appointment’ from our vocabulary … from the Store as a whole … book ‘visits’ or ‘reservations’ with Service Advisors instead
  • Book for the job rather than the diagnosis … Service Management should provide everyone with information on average repair times
  • With fifteen minutes time to visit with each Guest, we should have 100% walkarounds with guests: ‘Ok come with me!’ Let’s stop asking if they wish to come along
  • Twice daily, Service Management should gather Service Advisors at 10am and 2pm to look at bookings, jobs status and electronic RO if you have it, to make collective decisions
  • Do not book Service Advisor ‘reservations’ at 10am or 2pm
  • For upselling jobs where we find more work to do: let’s use a choice close (2 choices): we quote the cost (including parts, labour, shop supplies and taxes) of each repair adding to a grand total then say ‘if that’s not fitting the budget right now, I spoke with your Technician who told me these had to be done and these others could wait 45 days so that totals this lower amount. Which way do you want to go?’ Almost always, Guests choose the higher amount. The Service Advisor has given the Guest a second opinion, shown integrity plus … getting things all done at once is more convenient!

In short … following the steps of the process on a consistent basis will ensure that you make the most of every Guest opportunity that you come into contact with at the dealership. What takes the time in this proposal for training is a fundamental change in the philosophy of how we view the Guest, how we understand Guest thinking and our own processes and finally, how we view ourselves.
The result is that you will generate more income, build greater loyalty, and increase Guest retention more than ever before.
And remember… the most important element in the success of this process is you and your front end Service staff!

All training will take place in the dealership boardroom, the front end of Service and out in the workshop. There is no online or distance learning element.

The number of days (8 hours per day) is determined by your present situation together with the number of participants.

We have three instructors for this level of training – Tim Alderson, Bob Veitch, Fred Nelson, and Kerry Wasilka. Bios are available here.

Certification will be determined by the Instructor hands on in concert with our Head Office. We will supply graduates with their Certificates. If your team is ready for change, you can look forward to 100% Certification!

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